Pre-fill your documents for customer success


Templates are only available through the Business API at this time.

What are Templates?

Inside the Notarize Business portal, Templates allow you to pre-fill a transaction with a set of documents, which may in turn be pre-filled with annotations and designations for where the customer should complete actions such as signing, initialing, etc.

For example, if you frequently make transactions from the same form every time, you can use Templates to speed up your transaction creation process.


Creating a Template.


Pre-filling some text in a Template.

How do I use a Templates in the Business API?

Set a permalink parameter when creating your Template. Then, when you use the Business API, replace the filepath or URL in the document or documents parameter with the permalink value instead.

For example, in the above image, the permalink is test_supertemplate_id. You would then ping the Business API with a value of document: test_supertemplate_id in lieu of the actual file URL.

This feature is useable when creating a transaction and when adding a document to an existing transaction that is currently in draft status.