Document Requirements

Every document needs a "requirement" specified to tell Notarize what is required to consider a transaction complete. A good way to think about it is specifying the "type of document". Each requirement type implies a different set of authentication and signing requirements for the signer to complete the transaction.

RequirementDescriptionKnowledge-based Authentication (KBA) Required?US SSN Required?# Forms of ID RequiredNotary Meeting Required?Notary Seal Required?Notary Signature Required?
notarizationA document that requires notarization.YesYes1YesYesYes
esignA document that requires just a signature.NoNo0NoNoNo
esign_authenticatedIdentity Assured eSign. An eSign document that requires identity verification (cannot be combined with Notarization)NoNo02NoNo
identity_confirmationA document that requires the signer to undergo identity confirmation instead of notarization. Used to support the signing of PS form 1583 for signers without a US SSN.NoNo2YesNoYes