Our commitment to data privacy and security is embedded in every part of our business. We've spent the last several years working with regulators, industry leaders and legislators to establish the standards in online notarization security. Our security policies and systems are audited and tested on a regular basis to ensure we continue to put forward the safest, and most secure technology.

Visit our security portal to learn about our security posture and request access to our security documentation.

Webhook Notifications

All outbound webhook notifications come from a limited set of IP addresses. Please allow connections for the addresses listed below: ( (


Deprecated IP Addresses

The IP addresses below should no longer be trusted as we no longer send any traffic from these addresses. Notarize will release them on March 1st, 2023.

Domains to Allow

If your security protocols require you to manually add domains to an allow list for access, please ensure the following domains are allowed to ensure the proper function of Notarize.

*.fairfax.notarize.comAccess to all portals in the Fairfax (prodmirror) environment
*.notarize.comAccess to the main app
api.notarize.comAccess to the API, which provides data to the main app
*.twilio.comMeeting video provider
sentry.ioException tracking
*.sumologic.comAPI logging
*.mixpanel.comUser event logs for transaction-level support
*.segment.ioUser event logs
*.apps.googleusercontent.comGoogle Maps API for address lookup
*.googleapis.comGoogle Maps API for address lookup
*.google.comGoogle Maps API for address lookup
*.branch.ioMobile linking
*.launchdarkly.comFeature management/deployment
*.stripe.comPayment processing
*.zendesk.comUser support
*.zdassets.comUser support chat
*.zopim.comUser support chat
gstatic.comAsset hosting
withpersona.comCredential analysis
sg3.notarize.comCore infrastructure
*-production-assets.s3.amazonaws.comDocument storage/retrieval
*-notarize-productionmirror-documents.s3.amazonaws.comDocument storage/retrieval
*-staging.s3.amazonaws.comDocument storage/retrieval