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Notarize is the world’s first online notarization platform. Using the Notarize APIs, you can connect your customers with notaries instantly, letting you do business faster. In these docs, you’ll find everything you need to start building your integration with Notarize.

Notarize supports two main APIs today: the Business API and the Real Estate API. The Real Estate API is reserved solely for real estate use cases (mortgage, refinance, title, HELOC, etc.). Notarize also provides a no-code solution called EasyLink.

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The Notarize platform is centered around transactions. At a high level, the Notarize APIs can automate transaction creation, transaction access, and transaction retrieval.

You can use our APIs to create transactions instantly from your application, to eliminate manual work for your teams. You can place signing designations and specify notary instructions as well.

The signer will then receive an email invitation to connect with a notary and sign their documents. Alternatively, you can retrieve a transaction access link and provide it to your signer in a convenient, secure place. You can even redirect your signers back to your website after they've finished signing.

Once the signing is complete, you can use the API to retrieve completed documents, as well as other important information, with the assistance of our webhooks.

These docs cover everything you can customize in the Notarize experience, including transactions, the signing experience, documents, and more. Additionally, you can learn more about configuring your Notarize organization to meet your various enterprise needs.

Additionally, you can find the public Notarize Postman Workspace here.


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