The Notarize API has long allowed businesses to stand up a redirect that brings signers back to their company website after completing transactions on the Notarize platform. While this is achievable at the transaction level via API, you may want to redirect all your signers to the same standard URL after all completed transactions.

This is possible with an API-Key-level Redirect. To stand up a redirect, select an API Key from your Notarize account and view its settings. You’ll see a new heading for Redirect Info.

  • forceRedirect: Toggle this to true to set up an auto-redirect.
  • redirectURL: Provide the URL you’d like the signer to be redirected to.
  • redirectMessage: If forceRedirect is off (false), this text will be applied to a button shown to your customer after completing the transaction. The signer must click the button to be redirected to the specified URL.

Remember to hit Save at the bottom to lock in your changes!

You can customize a redirect for each API Key – whether it’s to a common URL, or each to their own unique URL – giving you greater control of your customer’s post-signing experience.