Demo / EasyLink

Trying to spin up a working example using Notarize ASAP? Or just looking to experience a demo of what it's like when your customers enter the Notarize app? EasyLink is the simplest, 1-click experience for anyone trying to notarize or process a document online.

What is EasyLink?

EasyLink consists of URL links that uses params you provide to seamlessly navigate customers into the Notarize signing process. By providing things like the document file to EasyLink, you'll make the experience as painless as possible for signers. If you provide an API key, you can even connect these notarizations to your own organization account.

All you have to do is build the EasyLink using our custom tooling, then provide the link to your customers!


EasyLink is mobile-friendly!

EasyLink works on all platforms, and will detect whether it should navigate signers into the desktop or mobile app, doing so seamlessly with no break in customer flow.

EasyLink Demo

Simply click the following link to experience the same flow any average customer might when using EasyLink to enter the Notarize web app. Based on how far you proceed into the app, the demo will also demonstrate the notarization process of signing up, verifying your identity, and completing a notarization over video call with a notary.

or, click me to Notarize

In this demo, the transaction created by EasyLink has been pre-populated with a sample document, and it will be attributed to the Notarize demo organization account. You'll be able to modify this in your own EasyLinks. We've also provided both a branded EasyLink button, as well as a raw link.


Make sure to use the correct type of API key!

Because your EasyLink self-contains an API key, and the EasyLink itself is public facing, you should only use an API key you're willing to expose to clients. See the Authentication page for more details.

Why might I not want to use EasyLink?

EasyLink is powerful, but because it's a browser-based solution, it's inherently going to be more restrictive than a full API integration. In particular, for security purposes, and to streamline the customer experience in Notarize, the initial parameters you can supply and the modifications you can make to transactions are restricted.

If you'd like to have full control over the notarization process, or tailor your customer experience to an extent that EasyLink doesn't permit, then it's recommended that you look at the Business or Real Estate API for full integration guides.

What’s Next

Want exact technical details on EasyLink so you can build it yourself? Want to learn more about alternatives to EasyLink ? Or ready to just jump into getting an API key?