This page will help you become familiar with the Notarize platform, and walk you through the various sections of this website.

Welcome to Notarize

Notarize's API allows you to integrate with our platform, from 1-click solutions to full programmatic integration. Through the Notarize API, you can easily prep your customers for painless notarizations.

Notarize has three types of APIs depending on your use case:

  1. EasyLink API: create only for business transactions
  2. Business API: full CRUD capabilities, suited for businesses in all industries
  3. Real Estate API: includes additional tooling for those needing our real estate platform (lenders, title agents, and real estate point of sale systems).

What is Notarize?

If you haven't used Notarize before—or are even a little fuzzy on what notarizations are—check out the Notarize homepage. In short, Notarize is the first totally online notarization platform. Customers can notarize documents that are then valid nationwide, using either the Notarize app or your service, using the Notarize API.

Why integrate with Notarize?

  • Always Online: Notarize is the first platform to allow any American to fully notarize their documents online, no matter where they're located. Even better: we're 24/7.
  • Supported by Industry: Notarize works with some of the country's leading organizations to offer Americans the ability to notarize their documents online. We're proud to have the National Association of REALTORS as a strategic investor.
  • Ease of Use: Notarize offers 1-click solutions like EasyLink to make it as easy as possible for your customers to process or notarize their documents.

What can I do with the Notarize API?

The Notarize Business API lets you programmatically create transactions for your customers to notarize. You'll be able to customize the documents and messaging that customers see, fine-tune the notarization process according to your needs, and even follow along as signers reach different stages in the notarization process.

The Notarize Real Estate API lets you programmatically prepare and collaborate on loan documents for online closings whether you are a title agent, realtor, or lender.


Having trouble integrating? You can check out details on how to contact Support here.

Volume Discounts

If you plan to process a large number of transactions with Notarize, you may also wish to request a volume-based pricing agreement or affiliate status. Please contact support for more information.

What’s Next

Convinced? Want to get started? Demo the power of Notarize using EasyLink; dive into the platform by seeing how to get Authentication for the API; or get walked through a Quick Start with the Business API.