API Keys

How do I create an API key?
In your Notarize account, navigate to Resources >> *API Keys**.



Are there any resources that provide a general implementation guideline?
Yes - please consult our Business API and Real Estate API guides for more information.

Can I cancel a transaction via API?
Yes, using the Delete Transaction endpoint.

I have a unique identifier for the transaction/deal/closing that I'd like to associate with my Notarize transaction. Does the Notarize API provide anyway to attach this information?
Yes - external_id can be set with the Create Transaction or Update Draft Transaction API calls.


How do I set/update our webhook URL?
Make a POST request to the Set/Update Webhook URL endpoint. Read more about webhooks here


How can I get access to the test environment for the API?
Please contact [email protected] to request access to the test (Fairfax) environment.

What is the test environment API URL?

Do I need a separate API key in the Fairfax environment?
Yes - production API keys will not work in Fairfax.

Can I implement the notary meeting experience directly into my application UI?
No - Notarize does not support iFrames. However, you can link to the Notarize transaction from your application if you'd like, using the transaction_access_link available in the transaction object.

You can also co-brand the signer landing page with your company colors and logo. You can find this under Account Settings >> Brand Customization

Document Tagging

White Text Tagging

What file types are supported for White Text Tagging?
PDF is the recommended file type for any documents you plan to white text tag. We will also convert incoming.docx files to PDF, but this can cause issues with tag parsing. We strongly recommend PDF format for all documents being sent through the platform.