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Webhook v2 'complete' status missing

Hi All, There is no status available which tells us about the 'completion' of particular transaction in v2, like in v1 webhook "transaction.completed", so, how we would able to know about the completion of transaction in v2 webhook, please suggest.

Invalid authentication credentials

I amgetting Invalid authentication credentials

Error - Failed to generate api key

I have a trial account with Notarise. When I try to generate the Full Access/Client Only Key, I get the error 'Something went wrong - failed to generate api key'. May I know the reason behind this error

Social Security Number

What's the testing social security number which we can use for testing purposes?

How do you clear out information submitted via API for a users email address

We have a user that submitted their information through our system to the notarize system via the API. However, they accidentally entered the US phone area code as '817' instead of '1', so it failed. The API returned a message of 'Invalid Country Code' as it should. Now, when they attempt to submit the information again with the corrected phone area code, it continues to fail and return the 'Invalid Country Code' error. It appears that it is not accepting the changes from our system and updating the new information in your system. How can we clear out any submitted information for an email address or why does your system not accept changed information when submitted for an email address?

Invalid Number error when creating a transaction through API

We have a client that is attempting to submit their information through our system to create a transaction via the Notarize API. We are getting an error response of 'Invalid Number' and no other information. Best I can figure is it might have to do with the phone number being submitted. The client is in Dehli, India, and the phone number they are providing is Country Code 91, Number 9582321892. Can you please provide some clarity as to what this error message is referring to? Thank you.

Test Api Key

I'm a developer, I want to have an API key for testing the api document here: https://dev.notarize.com/reference Thank's & regards Ram

Transaction Creation porblem

I want create a transaction but after hitting transaction api by curl we find {"message":"Feature not available in current tier"}

eSign email subject

I am using eSign (which is free) but the email that is sent to the recipient always consists of the subject "[My name] has shared documents" even though the name on my account is that of the company's.

EasyLink custom tooling not available

Hi, the Demo video on the following page shows a web page where the EasyLink can be created. Is it not available anymore? https://dev.notarize.com/docs/demo-easylink